SAFE Homestudy Evaluation Service Now Offered To Public By SWA

Providing safe and protective environments for vulnerable children and youth is at the heart of what we do. A key part of the process to ensure quality care is the “Structured Assessment Family Evaluation” (SAFE). We have been using a SAFE Homestudy to evaluate parent-therapists at our Quinte Children’s Homes (QCH) for almost 20 years, and now… Continue reading

Stevenson, Waplak & Associates

SAFE Training Gives Us New Tools for Evaluating and Supporting Parent-Therapists

Two Quinte Children’s Homes (QCH) staff members recently participated in specialized training that has provided them with new tools for evaluating and training potential foster parents. The practice of conducting the “Structured Assessment Family Evaluation” (SAFE) has previously been used by Children’s Aid Societies, but was only recently opened up to the private sector. “This… Continue reading