SAFE Homestudy Evaluation Service Now Offered To Public By SWA

We are no longer offering SAFE assessments at this time.

Providing safe and protective environments for vulnerable children and youth is at the heart of what we do. A key part of the process to ensure quality care is the “Structured Assessment Family Evaluation” (SAFE). We have been using a SAFE Homestudy to evaluate parent-therapists for almost 20 years, and now offer SAFE assessments to the public too.

SAFE, created by the Consortium for Children in California, is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for use in assessing prospective foster, kinship family, customary care and adoptive families as caregivers, whether by public or private sector agencies. SWA is licensed to offer the service in Ontario to any and all who need it, including individuals seeking to be caregivers, other private care agencies and social service agencies.

“SWA provides the opportunity for an assessment from an organization that has provided clinical assessments for over 20 years,” says Stevenson, Waplak & Associates Clinical Director Jeff Waplak. “In day-to-day terms there are tools one uses like a hammer, but that tool is used differently by someone with minimal experience compared to a carpenter.”

SWA’s team is trained and experienced in the provision of the assessments. “We offer a confidential, safe assessment experience with individuals with a high level of education and direct experience in providing and supervising the care of individuals who possess special circumstances,” says Waplak. Two SWA program supervisors are trained for administration of the assessments, along with Waplak himself as on-site supervisor.

Assessments are typically completed over 6 to 8 weeks, with weekly appointments. The cost varies depending on the number of family members involved. Contact us directly to review the process and pricing.

What is SAFE?

The “Structured Assessment Family Evaluation” was first used by children’s aid societies and later licensed to private sector providers. A SAFE homestudy is designed to better evaluate homes where children may be placed. The process provides practitioners with standardized tools that support the home study interview, including questionnaires and compatibility inventories. SAFE involves gathering information across nine dimensions, including personal characteristics, extended family relationships and the home environment.

SWA continues to partner with the Consortium for Children to further our assessment skills and advance positive outcomes for children in care.

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We are no longer offering SAFE assessments at this time.