Strategies for Life

Strategies for Life is a series of group sessions where members develop a personal plan for self-care. Each session covers a specific dimension of an individual when developing this plan: physical, psychological, emotional, and social. The group also addresses thriving in challenging circumstances, mood-stable lifestyles, communication skills, and decision-making. Through these sessions, group members will develop a systematic approach to self-care for continued success. They will walk away with tangible plans for meeting their physical, psychological, social and emotional needs.


  1. Introduction: Self-assessment and establishing goals. Members will complete a self-care assessment and set therapeutic targets for the group.
  2. Physical: Paying attention to your body’s relationship with your wellbeing. Members will identify how they can optimize sleep, diet, exercise, and other components of physical health to improve their functioning.
  3. Psychological: Clarifying and enhancing your beliefs. Members will identify, record, and adapt problematic patterns of thought. These new thoughts are used outside sessions to replace and improve problematic thinking.
  4. Emotional: Mood management skills for greater resilience. Members will learn specific techniques to decrease the intensity of their most difficult feelings.
  5. Social: Finding the people who can help you along the way. Members will identify and record the individuals and resources available to provide support. They will also identify the situations best addressed by a specific support.
  6. Sustainable Strategies: Adapting your strategy in challenging circumstances. Members will consider how unexpected situations affect their self-care strategy. Proactive adaptations will be made to members’ overall self-care strategies.

Members are encouraged to take notes and complete group handouts to improve their ability to implement their plans. Call 613.967.0545, or send an e-mail to  for more information regarding cost, availability, and to register. Or register now using the form below.

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