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A Burden Shared Is A Burden Halved

Author: Kelly S. Thompson and Jane Kelly Originally published in Watershed Magazine: A Burden Shared Is A Burden Halved Maurice Rollins’ willingness to talk openly about mental illness and to share his own experiences, gives us hope and a better understanding of the stigma, the treatments and acceptance of an illness that knows no boundaries…. Continue reading

Stevenson, Waplak & Associates

Reaching Out

Author: Kelly S. Thompson Originally published in Watershed Magazine: Reaching Out Increasingly, today’s children and youth are struggling to manage stress, anxiety, and emotions – complex issues that require complicated solutions. Are health care professionals and programs across Quinte, Prince Edward and Northumberland equipped to handle the rise in mental illness that is affecting the… Continue reading


Mental Illness and Addiction: The Importance of Dual Treatment

For many addiction sufferers, mental illness is a daily reality that impacts their journey towards recovery. The use of substances in one’s life to cope with moodiness, anxiousness, sleepiness, social anxiety (to name a few reasons) can also lead to the risk of dependency on substances. It is a classic short-term versus long-term decision making… Continue reading

SAFE Homestudy Evaluation Service Now Offered To Public By SWA

Providing safe and protective environments for vulnerable children and youth is at the heart of what we do. A key part of the process to ensure quality care is the “Structured Assessment Family Evaluation” (SAFE). We have been using a SAFE Homestudy to evaluate parent-therapists for almost 20 years, and now offer SAFE assessments to the public… Continue reading

Swing for Success golfers including Jodie Jenkins, Jeff Waplak, Terry Stevenson, and Kerry McConkey

Community Involvement A Part of Our Corporate Culture

Just as Stevenson, Waplak & Associates (SWA) staff members work to support the mental health needs of people of all ages in our community, the team feels it’s essential to lend a hand to the success of community events too. “Through our corporate culture, we have tried to establish a community involvement theme with both… Continue reading

Kingston Community Service Fair 2014

The Child and Youth Worker Students at St Lawrence College welcome Kingston and area children, youth and family serving organizations to be part of an amazing networking opportunity. The Kingston and Area Community Service Fair is designed to promote the awareness of programs and services to empower our service providers when meeting the needs of… Continue reading