Psychotherapy Services – Video Counseling Canada

Have you ever thought about counseling but didn’t want others to know?

Have you come up with the “I am just too busy” excuse?

Have you wanted to receive counseling, but outside of your local area?

If you’re asking these questions, you’re not alone in these ideas. Video counseling might be a fit for you. Your questions are all reasonable. Many of our clients who receive psychotherapy interventions through online video counseling (telehealth) have had these same questions. 

Let’s talk about common reasons why someone in Canada might want psychotherapy services through our online video counseling platform.


With online psychotherapy, privacy starts right from wherever you are sitting. No driving into the parking lot. No walking into the office. No casual conversations in the waiting room. Paired with a secure platform, online psychotherapy offers significant additional privacy benefits.


With sessions happening where you select there is no travel time. There is flexibility in scheduling beyond physical office hours. This means reduced wait times. Sessions can be scheduled for 30 or 60 minutes, depending on your needs.


With the ability to access a psychotherapist from your home, your office, your community, or to seek a professional from out of your area you can separate your need for support from your role within your community. You can choose a telephone connection or choose a video connection depending on your comfort and availability.

Similarities to In-Person Psychotherapy

Meeting a therapist in-person and online share the same getting-to-know-each-other feeling. The first session is about understanding why you are seeking support, how a therapist can be beneficial for you and working out some goals of your therapy. We will talk about how often your sessions will occur, the type of interventions that may be used, and how you will know if the sessions are effective and progress is occurring.     

How To Be Ready

Select your location to ensure the level of privacy that you want being free from distractions. Be prepared 5 minutes before your scheduled time. The use of headphones for additional privacy and effective communication should be considered. With video, lighting can be important. Lighting from in front of you is ideal – a window or desk lamp is more than adequate. Have all homework or any other items that you need for the session with you. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the session!

Let’s Talk…

Whether it is for you, you and your partner, or our child – anywhere you are, we can be too! 

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