Stevenson Waplak and Associates: What we do

Life is an amazing experience. It comes full of excitement, adventure and challenges. For some people, life comes with a few more challenges. At SWA we recognize that these challenges impact individuals and families of all ages.

Stevenson Waplak and Associates help those individuals and families who would otherwise struggle with mental health, emotional and stress-related conditions. We offer our clients a broad base of services, schooling and living arrangements to properly assess and address specific needs to those we provide care to.

Each division of the SWA team provides specialized service to their fields of care allowing for more precise treatment. The associates and their specialized fields of care are as follows:

Stevenson Waplak and Associates

Steveson Waplak and Associates deals with the lion’s share of consultative and counselling services. SWA provides their mental health services and assessments with a variety of suitable settings such as group and individualized care.

Our skilled team of mental health professionals are experienced in the fields of psychology, social work, psychiatry, medicine and counselling which they apply to people of all ages including individual children, teens, adults, as well as groups, couples and families.

We go out of our way to provide the services and settings patients need to make real progress.
SWA is intent on providing our clients with proper assessments of treatment needs, planned goals and continuous support in a comfortable and respectful environment. The end goal is always a better quality of life.

Applewood Academy

In Ontario approximately 18% of children between the ages of 6 and 15 have a psychiatric disorder. Sometimes the public education system is unable to meet the needs of these children with special care requirements. With this in mind Applewood Academy was born.

Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning is a treatment oriented, academic program that helps meet the needs of these students and their families. Our programs offer all of the clinical support needed to address treatments related to emotional, behavioural and educational difficulties.


Some needs for care don’t fall under the categories covered by the associates above, for example, eating disorders. That’s where BridgeCross comes in. We provide caring, residential and outpatient care for girls and young women with an eating disorder.

BridgeCross boasts a wide variety of clinicians that provide psychiatric, psychological, nutritional and medical care which is delivered in tandem with any co-existing conditions such as substance abuse, anxiety and depression, among others.

Our goals at BridgeCross are to improved symptom control and enhanced self-esteem. We also provide outpatient care to ensure that patients reach their goals and avoid a relapse.

All told Stevenson Waplak and Associates has one of the most expansive sets of services for mental health and related conditions. See a complete listing of what we do and how we do it inside our associate sections at .  Take the first step towards mental health today.