Internet Addiction Counselling Therapy

Looking for a personalized intervention for your internet addiction? Internet addiction is more than just “a problem” that needs to be fixed.

Our internet addiction therapy focuses on you as a whole person and the many aspects of your life.

Our approach to Internet Addiction is inclusive. We look at:

  • you as a whole person
  • your life experiences
  • the role addictive behaviour plays in your relationship with yourself and others

It’s all about you.

  • Come learn about yourself.
  • Come learn about the role of your behaviour.
  • Come learn a substitute skill.
  • Come learn to add positives and reduce negative impacts in your life.

We’re here to help now.

  • We offer a free intake call.
  • We’ll set you up with the right therapist to meet your needs.
  • You’ll see someone within 5 days, not 2 months.
  • We’ve been offering treatment for a long time – since 1999

At Stevenson & Waplak, we offer individual therapy, family therapy, couples therapy, and/or clinical case coordination.

Our team of professionals focus on total treatment.

Let’s talk

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