Couples Therapy

At Stevenson Waplak our approach to couples therapy counselling is focused on developing insight, openly exploring dynamics and building skills that benefit everyone within the relationship.

Do you find that your communication style has become more negative? Did your relationship shift from partner to roommate? Wonder how you will to come to an agreement on an issue? Struggling because a loved one has been unfaithful and wondering if the relationship can be repaired?

We know every relationship is different and a personalized non-judgmental approach is key to advancement.

Our couples therapy all about you.

  • Come learn about you and your partner.
  • Come learn to explore and not judge.
  • Come learn to set a plan of action.
  • Come learn about win-win dynamics that leave both of you smiling.

We’re here to help now.

  • We offer a free intake call.
  • We’ll set you up with the right therapist to meet your needs.
  • You’ll see someone within 5 days, not 2 months.
  • We’ve been offering treatment for a long time – since 1999

Why get just a psychotherapist when you can get the thinking power of a team at Stevenson Waplak to help your relationship.

Let’s talk

Fill in the form or call us at 613-967-0545 to get the process started.