Donna Milton, RP

Clinical Consultant

Donna has worked in social services for 25 years in public, private and non-profit areas.

She has experience within the shelter system, residential programs, withdrawal management, PARR program, treatment programs, CAS and families, diverse communities and cultural values, and justice system (provincial/federal).

Her approach to counselling aims to identify, clarify and resolve issues in a caring, safe and supportive therapeutic setting.

Donna helps individuals develop the coping skills required to manage the difficult situations that can create stress. She believes with the right coping tools and the willingness to change, anyone can make positive changes to their future. “An open mind is like an open door” – it allows information to flow in and change to happen over a period of time.

She is a highly skilled therapist providing counselling services for youth and adults specializing in mental health and addictions disorders.

She offers a wide variety of counselling in areas of emotional difficulties, addictions, domestic violence, communication, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, trauma, healthy relationships, anger management and stress.