Kira Hurley

Clinical Consultant

During a long season, an athlete looks for ways to elevate their game, or perhaps work their way out of a slump. Typically, our first idea is to examine technique or other physical aspects of the game. As a result, we often overlook the impact of psychological wellbeing on performance.
Kira Hurley, MMFT (Hons), RP., RMFT is a former professional athlete who was inducted into the hockey hall of fame. She graduated from an Ivy League school on a full athletic scholarship and obtained her masters in marriage and family therapy. She is a registered psychotherapist and marriage and family therapist.
As both a therapist and a coach, Kira can help you improve the mental and physical aspects of your game.
How can we help?
– Performance improvement
– Mental and physical conditioning
– Motivation and commitment to an exercise program
– Injury rehabilitation
– Embracing the pressure of competition
– Finding confidence in your game
– Coping with negative feedback
– Enjoyment of sport
– Goal setting
– Pre/post game routine
– Imagery
– Self-talk
– Life balance