Stevenson, Waplak & Associates believe in a multifactor therapeutic framework. This framework recognizes the, sometimes, complex interactions between biological, developmental, family, social, cultural, spiritual, and psychological factors in the formation and maintenance of mental health and personal problems.

Stevenson, Waplak & Associates’ services and support must consistently exceed expectations. In striving to consistently deliver the best service possible and to treat others as we would like to be treated, our professional and support staff will exert every effort to respect the following fundamental principals of our service and company mission.

Stevenson, Waplak & Associates consistently strives:

  • To be an instrumental, effective and positive resource to our clients;
  • To provide clients timely access to comprehensive assessment and counseling services;
  • To provide clients with a multidisciplinary case management model of service delivery;
  • To ensure clients receive services of the highest standard, delivered by qualified professionals and supported by evidence based practices;
  • To add to the knowledge and expertise of our representative disciplines through our involvement in research.
  • Stevenson, Waplak & Associates offers a safe environment that is conducive to learning, growing and understanding. The ongoing cooperative efforts of the team means individuals, families, employers, physicians and the legal professions receive effective and thorough assistance. Stevenson, Waplak & Associates continues to build strong community ties in Quinte as well as other parts of the Province.