100% of our elementary students reached a reading speed within the average range in 2013.


100% of our kids reached the physical activity standard set by Active Healthy Kids Canada in 2013.


2 Applewood students will graduate from Grade 12 this year with over a 90% average

Applewood Academy is a licensed therapeutic boarding school for students requiring individualized academic, clinical, and behaviour-management solutions.

Our therapeutic boarding school environment meets the individual needs of our students and helps them succeed. Place your child in a supportive educational environment.

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Applewood Academy is an alternative school for youth in elementary school and high school

Applewood Academy

Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning recognizes that in Ontario, approximately 18% of children aged 6 to 15 years of age have a psychiatric disorder. These children’s emotional and academic needs, along with their support requirements are taxing the resources of the public education system and the safe school policies have led to a disproportionate number of suspensions and expulsions for these children.

Applewood Alternative School Origins

With such issues in mind an alternative school, Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning, was born. A unique educational alternative, Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning is an alternative school that is treatment oriented with an academic program to help meet the needs of these students and their families. The program offers significant clinical support to address treatment needs related to emotional, behavioural and educational difficulties.

Applewood Alternative School Mission

Applewood Academy’s vision is that children with specialized treatment needs will have access to high quality, compassionate and therapeutic educational programming that allows for the simultaneous delivery of educational and therapeutic interventions. Consecutively, Applewood Academy looks to provide opportunities for growth by utilizing student strengths, in an effort to return the student to a community based school, so that the student may one day maximize his/her potential. Learn more about our mission here.